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Sustainability association

We focus on empowering residents of the Duwamish Valley in issues related to quality of life, health, and education to identify opportunities for equitable economic growth for our community without harming the environment.

What we believe in

Our values are at the base of every project we offer and engage in.


DVSA seeks to catalyze the exchange of collaborative ideas among stakeholders.


DVSA recognizes the intersectional identities of our youth and the community, and strives to make opportunities and information accessible to everyone.


DVSA generates sustainable solutions holding high regard of all identities and recognizes that our work takes place on Indigenous land.


DVSA’s work is driven inspired by the courage, determination, and resilience of the communities of the Duwamish Valley


DVSA holds community as its most important partner.


DVSA recognizes that having faith in one's abilities is crucial to making progress towards sustainability goals.


DVSA believes our own community has the capacity to bring innovative solutions through an environmental justice lens.

Youth Leadership

DVSA understands that young people have the energy, creativity, and vision needed to drive positive change in their communities.


DVSA honors the duty it has to help build a more sustainable future.

Real projects, Real people

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Feel free to contact the Duwamish Valley Sustainability Association to learn more about their work and how you can get involved in supporting confidence-building and youth leadership initiatives in the community.

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