dvsa model

DVSA's Community Engagement Model for Project Development and Implementation

DVSA’s model for project development and implementation begins and always comes back to community engagement through information dissemination, feedback solicitation, and project steering. It is an iterative and ongoing model, in which each process continues as we continue to add new elements to our projects.

Our programs begin with listening to issues identified by our community and other stakeholders through an extensive and ongoing engagement process. We then collect data, both in the form of existing information and data that we collect through our own citizen science and information gathering projects, and present this information back to our community in accessible and culturally relevant ways. Then, together with the community, we begin envisioning solutions to the issues we identified in our information gathering stage, while also providing the youth will skills to do this. Finally, we begin developing pilot projects and prototypes, and then scale up for widespread impact.

Our fiscal sponsor is the Seattle Parks Foundation.

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who we are

The Duwamish Valley Sustainability Association

At DVSA, we are committed to building a better future for all members of the community. Join us in our efforts to promote sustainability and equity in the Duwamish Valley and beyond.

our mission

DVSA offers STEAM training to young individuals from BIPOC backgrounds, empowering them to create community programs and projects that promote sustainability and better health outcomes. This initiative not only cultivates a healthier community but also jumpstarts the careers of these individuals.

our vision

DVSA strives to work hand-in-hand with youth leaders to develop replicable, sustainable models with global impact.

information dissemination

Providing information surrounding various fields and educational topics.

feedback solicitation

Relaying constructive feedback to help build foundational skills and improve upon that foundation.

project steering

Hands on guidance from experienced tutors and educators that sets our youth off in the right direction.

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